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For the better part of 35 years, TLA has been working side by side with both military and commercial vessels. Throughout the countless miles traveled, mouths fed, and problems solved, Thomas Longa Associates has maintained an exceptionally strong business and personal relationship with each and every one of our clients. Our history and passion runs deep as the family of Thomas Longa Associates has served to the needs of the ITS Amerigo Vespucci as far back as 1951 in the Port of New York City.


CLICK HERE to see the testimonial from ITS Vespucci in her first visit to NYC from 1951.


It has and always will be a great honor to serve the highest character men and women navigating the seven seas. 

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Here at TLA, we pride ourselves on proper preparation to ensure the highest quality service at the most affordable cost. We also have extensive experience in resolving any unanticipated issues in a timely matter. Big or small, there is no problem we cannot solve!



We provide full scale logistical support in docking arrangements and port services.

 Towage - Pilotage - Linesmen - Dockage - Water Removal - ETC



We provide wholesale replenishment from the highest quality providers all around the world.

Meat & Fish - Produce - Fruit - Dairy - Beverages - Bonded Items - Kitchen Items 

Gas Management


We provide deck, engine, cabin and pharmacy supplies as well as refueling services upon request. 

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Assistance in Crew Transfers
Hotel Accommodation Booking
Flight Bookings
Vehicle Rentals
Local Transportation Services
Event Planning

Spare Parts Movements

Flexible Payment Planning


Invoicing can be handled at the discretion and preference of the Navy. Both Italian & USA banking coordinates are available. 

Timely Invoicing - Advice on Cost Minimization 

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Our goal in servicing any vessel is to properly prepare and relentlessly work to ensure that the
entire campaign goes smoothly at each and every port. Our simple 3 step process is a proactive and hands-on approach that has proved to be successful since 1986!

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TLA continues to have the resources and connections to service Marina Militare across the globe. 

  • North America

  • South America

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • Africa

  • Asia

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Executive Officer Ristori

“As ITS Cavour's experience in Norfolk and in the United States comes to an end and the ship begins the Atlantic crossing that will bring she back to the homeland, I would like to send you my heartfelt thanks on my behalf and on behalf of the Cavour crew, for the genuine and day-to-day support that you never made us lack during our stay in the States. The inability to visit the United States of America was certainly the limitation that most grieved all the crew members, many of whom - in their all lives -never had the opportunity to visit your wonderful country. Not being able to go ashore also constituted an objective impediment to fulfilling the
needs of each individual, but the support that you provided, always with a genuine spirit of
sacrifice and  enthusiasm, always with incisiveness and impeccable effectiveness, was always a reason for relief for all of us, as well as the best welcome we could get from the United States of America. It will not be easy to forget the constant availability that you have always shown at any time of day or night, towards us. I hope the future will bring me back to the US, maybe with some other ship. God bless America. Arrivederci...and thanks for the cap. XO”

Admiral Ciappina

"You are right, It's been very tough for all of us. This is the reason why your support has been appreciated even more: without your help simple things could have been impossible to achieve.
I am sure we will have other opportunities in the future to know each other better. I will cherish the words you spent for our friendship and alliance in order to gain and preserve a safer world.
Thanks again on behalf of all my crew! GC”

Admiral Nicola Pavone

"I thank you very much for the message you sent me when you were back home after meeting in La Spezia on board the "New Duilio"  on the occasion of the magnificent gathering of the 30th anniversary of the "our Duilio" training campaign to Australia. I greatly appreciated your commitment to e with us once again, sowing that your action was not just a demanding business, but a real and warm participation in our unforgettable maritime experience.

It gave me immense pleasure to see you again and to have you with us on this significant occasion .I really wanted you to be with us, because your support action was fundamental to the success of the naval campaign, ensuring a prompt and decisive support in every port, solving situations that were often very difficult, which on some occasions could have undermined our mission. I also very much appreciated the little gift that you gave me on this occasion, the tie clip of "our Duilio", which you had guarded over all these years. On behalf of our crew and myself, I am wishing you and your family al the best wishes for the holiday season and upcoming year. A sailor's embrace, hoping new opportunities to meet you again."

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